Safety Policy Statement

BakosNDT Ltd. has made a commitment to make safety on each job our number one priority; an accident-free work environment is our goal. We will also strive to be an environmentally aware and conscientious company. It is through the use of our Company Safety Manual and the co-operation of all employees that we believe we can achieve these goals.

BakosNDT Ltd. will maintain the highest degree of safety practices on an on-going basis through education, training, and documentation. The Safety / Training manual is intended for the use of all employees, Sub-contractors and consultants to better their awareness of safety and aid in implementing safety on every job.

Management is committed to the psychological and social wellbeing of their employees. They encourage all employees to participate in the Health and Safety program while providing proper equipment, training, procedures and resources. Employees are responsible for following all procedures and regulations, working safely and wherever possible improving safety measures. All BakosNDT Ltd. employees have the right to refuse, right to know and the right to participate. Foreman / Supervisors are responsible for ensuring all relevant rules and regulations are adhered to by all company personnel under their authority. They are also responsible for providing a safe work environment by upholding good work habits and leading by example.

It is company policy of BakosNDT Ltd. to continuously upgrade and update itsí safety procedures and practices in direct relation to new innovations, technologies, regulations and demands of the industry. All employees will familiarize themselves with this manual to a level of which they feel their job can be completed safely, efficiently, and in a professional manner; zero tolerance is our policy. By working to achieve this level every employee will aid in forming a safe work place for themselves and their co-workers.

All appropriate legislation, procedures, and safety regulations of the Government, O.H.& S., W.C.B., the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and the prime-contractor Companies will be met or surpassed.